My dream is to make games

My name is Christian Scandariato. I am a game design graduate of Full Sail University, and a current resident of Portland, Oregon. I am a game designer, with a specialty focus on mechanical design and systems design.

I have one passion in life, and it is to create games. I truly believe that the interactive medium of video gaming is the most effect form of communicating a story and an experience.

I am constantly improving and learning, and I believe that there is not a point where I will be finished learning better ways to create, design, and implement mechanics and systems into games to better the player's experience. 

If you are seeking a designer to help create games, please contact me at any time. My dream is to make games, and I would love to join others who share that dream.


SKYPE: christian.scandariato
PHONE: (860) - 861 - 6731